Complaints Regulation Frontline Solutions (AL20221)


  Frontline Solutions values professionalism, reliability, and service orientation. Sometimes, as a customer or supplier, you may feel that we fall short in these areas. Please inform us orally in the first instance. It is our intention to come to a solution through mutual consultation. If this is not possible, there is the option of submitting a written complaint. Below is our complaints regulation, which explains how to submit a written complaint and how it will be handled.

Purpose of the Complaints Procedure

1   To do justice to the individual complainant and, if possible, restore the trust relationship between Frontline Solutions and the customer/supplier.

2   Additionally, we aim to further improve our services. A complaint may relate to all aspects of our service provision, such as information provision, accessibility of our company, speed of response, and treatment by our employees.


  Any (potential) customer or supplier can send a written expression of dissatisfaction to:

by email:

by post: Lange Dreef 15a, 4131 NJ Vianen.

2  To be able to assess the complaint as quickly as possible, it is necessary to provide the following information:

  • name, address, place of residence, telephone number, and email address,
  • indication of the Frontline Solutions activity to which the complaint relates,
  • the date on which the complaint was sent,
  • as clear a description of the complaint as possible,
  • any copies of documents that clarify the complaint.

The more relevant information provided, the better we are able to assess the complaint.

3   Within two working days of receiving the complaint, you will receive a written confirmation of receipt.

The confirmation of receipt will state:

  • the Frontline Solutions employee who will assess the complaint,
  • the deadline for handling the complaint. We aim to handle the complaint within six weeks. If it turns out that this is not feasible, you will receive written notification.
  • the possibility of explaining the complaint orally. If you wish, you can make an appointment with the employee who will assess the complaint after receiving the confirmation of receipt.

4   You will receive a substantive written response to the complaint within six weeks. Our substantive written response will contain the findings of the investigation into the complaint and a proposal for a solution to the complaint. We will do our utmost to handle the complaint to your satisfaction.

5   The complaints procedure is free of charge.

6   Frontline Solutions ensures that the submitted complaint is registered. The submitted complaints are kept for a period of 5 years from the date on which the complaint was received.

7   Frontline Solutions treats all complaints and information that comes to their attention during the handling of the complaints confidentially.

8   The Privacy Statement of Frontline Solutions applies to this complaints procedure.

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