Customer Experience as a Service... for true personalization


Genesys Cloud makes managing customer relationships easy. Contact with customers, managing tasks, and seeing trends, all from one simple platform. And with real-time insights, you can make quick decisions with a focus on your customers.


Read how experiences the benefits of Genesys Cloud.



Customer Experience as a Service... for true personalization

Over Genesys Cloud

Today’s world is “always-on,” always connected. Customers have higher expectations and more influence than ever before. They use smartphones and other devices when they communicate and expect your organization to support those choices.

With the right customer contact platform, you are always prepared for the changing expectations of your customers. You are looking for a simple, powerful, and flexible platform so that you can spend your time on customers instead of on the software.

Genesys Cloud, formerly Genesys PureCloud, is the all-in-one solution for your cloud contact center. You offer your customers unparalleled reliability and a consistent experience across all contact channels.

Genesys Cloud:

Everything in one place
Productive agents thanks to a 360-degree customer view 
Rapid deployment
Your environment is ready for use in no time and easily configured for your organization with the user-friendly interface.
Proven availability
Configured with redundancy for ultimate reliability

Why choose Genesys Cloud?

The benefits at a glance:

Omnichannel - Customers determine where and when they contact your organization. Easily link phone, email, chat, and social media together with a user-friendly tool. We call it steering the ultimate omnichannel customer experience
No technical hassle - Use your browser as a phone, plug in your headset, and you're ready to go. It's that simple.
Continious Delivery - A simple solution for companies that do not have the IT expertise and resources to keep complex customer service technology up-to-date.
Simple - With Genesys Cloud, you easily manage your call campaigns
Insight - Fantastic customer service doesn't work without context. Real-time and historical data provides insight into dynamic contact center performance analyses.
Smart routing - Your customer can contact the channel of their choice, and the system recognizes your customer and routes them to the most suitable employee; customer satisfaction increases.
Quality monitoring - Monitor the quality of your interactions and the skills of your employees.
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