Drukwerkdeal: Enhanced Customer Care with Genesys Cloud 3

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Whatever you want to have printed, imprinted, or produced these days – textiles, (cardboard) roll-up banners, paper shipping bags, or flyers and brochures – you can easily arrange it all online. At Drukwerkdeal and Printdeal, the largest online printer in the Benelux, it’s the customer who determines the product. This makes every order unique. Delivering customized printing on a large scale cannot be done without excellent customer care and optimal tools.

Challenges of custom printing: from print order to execution

Almost all orders executed by Drukwerkdeal and Printdeal for hundreds of thousands of customers each year are unique. Getting an order right the first time is essential: no one wants a final product that doesn’t meet their requirements and needs to be remade at one of our production locations. The transition from print order to execution is precise. In this process, questions often arise, not only from customers but also from the prepress experts who review and prepare the orders for production. Despite all the automation in the process, personalized service is, in most cases, the key to success. This is especially true for Drukwerkdeal and Printdeal, who score well in customer satisfaction.

End of a contract and the need for a new customer contact solution

Because of their focus on personal service, they handle all customer care in-house – outsourcing is not an option. Keeping everything in-house also means investing in optimal tools. Drukwerkdeal had been a satisfied Genesys user for years, with the emphasis on telephone customer service. Around 2021, the contract for the existing on-premises solution was expiring, and the platform was reaching the end of its technical lifespan. “Over the past few years, we’ve added quite a bit of customization, which made the solution increasingly complex and not always stable. For example, when we wanted to add a notification in a queue, we had to be careful not to crash the system,” says Maarten van Geerenstein, Process Engineer Customer Care at Drukwerkdeal.

With over 7,000 telephone contacts per month (and a similar volume of contacts via email and web chat), maintaining accessibility was becoming a challenge. Additionally, the existing solution was limited in functionality, and Drukwerkdeal wanted to reduce system complexity rather than increase it. In short, Drukwerkdeal needed a new customer contact solution.

The challenges: functionality and management needs

In addition to management challenges, there was a lack of functionality. For instance, there was no solution available for coaching and guiding employees. The existing platform was primarily focused on call routing but didn’t offer features like omnichannel, call recording, speech-to-text analytics, screen recording, co-browsing, screenshare, or extensive reporting. Plus, with Drukwerkdeal’s separate WFM solution, employees couldn’t view their weekly or monthly schedules or request service swaps or leave via an app.

“Of course, we asked both the business and the employees what their needs were. What do you miss, what could be different or better? It turned out that the need for screen sharing functionality with customers was at the top of the list,” says Van Geerenstein.

The management needs were also clear, he explains. “We wanted to work towards an integrated and future-proof solution for all channels and desired functionalities, of course, at the lowest possible cost – there’s no point in paying for functionality you don’t use,” Van Geerenstein says.

“I think we can make it all more enjoyable and better.”


Although she wasn’t working at Drukwerkdeal during the selection process, Karima Bouhamidi (Manager Customer Care at Drukwerkdeal) fully supports the requirements as formulated at the time. “When I arrived, I noticed that we could make progress in training and development. I also wanted to see the Customer Care Specialists have the right tools to help the customer optimally. That’s why employees themselves strongly advocated for new functionality that allows them to view their customer’s screen, which works much better than repeatedly emailing back and forth. Many orders require great attention to detail: are the guidelines in the design correct? Of course, we could have invested in a separate screen-sharing application earlier, but by adding functionality in this way – a dashboard here and a tool there – you only increase complexity further. This department needs to move with the times; it’s time for a new professionalization push. I don’t want to say it was bad, but it can all be made more modern, smarter, and more efficient. And more enjoyable for the employees.”

Partnership with Expertise: Frontline Solutions and Genesys Cloud 3 Selection

The assessment resulted in a list of specifications in the “need to have” and “nice to have” categories. With this requirements package in hand – a mostly integrated, future-proof solution with many new features in omnichannel, screen sharing, analytics, quality, reporting, and WFM – Drukwerkdeal started discussions with various suppliers and system integrators, including Frontline Solutions, with whom Drukwerkdeal has been working for 12 years.

Looking back, Van Geerenstein says, “Various providers provided demos and presentations. The process of finding the best solution – which one fits best – took almost a year. Initially, Genesys Cloud 2 seemed to be the best. As the WFM requirements became increasingly important during the selection phase, and because our entire infrastructure runs on AWS, we went through the selection process again and also looked at solutions from Amazon. In the end, we still ended up with Genesys Cloud 3.”

As far as Van Geerenstein is concerned, the features and future-proofing of Genesys Cloud 3 were decisive. “We don’t just need a telephony solution. How can we better serve our customers now and in the future? How can we win and retain them by providing better service than our competitors? We are convinced that we can do that with this package.”

“During the evaluations, it was also important that we have been working with Frontline for a long time. We have been working together for 12 years. Are we still satisfied or should we look elsewhere? The Frontline Solutions team knows our processes and knows where we want to go. Frontline Solutions is also a Gold Partner of Genesys. Like Genesys itself, they provided various demos and focused on our needs. They helped peel back the options and make a good comparison with other packages.”

Seamless Transition: Migration Process and Immediate Benefits

Drukwerkdeal is currently in the midst of the migration process. This means redesigning, configuring, and testing, as Genesys Cloud is a completely different application than Genesys Pure Connect.

“Drukwerkdeal’s call flows are relatively straightforward,” explains Bouhamidi. “We have traffic destined for Dutch-speaking employees and French-speaking employees. Configuring and adjusting call flows is entirely different from the old solution: very easy and clear, with drag and drop,” adds Van Geerenstein. “After this, we will train the management, employees, supervisors, and team managers on the new system. Frontline Solutions provides suggestions for the best setup. Our IT department attends every meeting; they also want to learn.”

Drukwerkdeal is also opting for the WFM functionality that Genesys Cloud 3 offers. Bouhamidi says, “Normally, transferring all historical WFM data to a new application can feel risky, but we feel confident thanks to the WFM specialist that Frontline Solutions has on board. It’s comforting when you don’t have to worry about whether your internal IT department has the capacity available. Furthermore, we are realistic: we are trying to manage expectations among our employees.”

Result The transition from the old on-premises solution to Genesys Cloud 3 “feels like going from a Beetle to a Ferrari for us,” says Van Geerenstein. “This version enables us to provide customers with an optimal service experience. First, we can use screen sharing, which the floor explicitly requested. Second, we get the ability to record calls. This opens up a whole series of applications: playback, optimizing the QA process, using speech analytics, sentiment analysis, and insights for training and reporting – none of which were possible for us before. Finally, employees will have a WFM app from Genesys Cloud, so they can work on self-scheduling.”

Forward-Looking Thinking: Drukwerkdeal’s Quest for Growth and Quality

“In the end, it’s about the combination of functionalities and the best way to organize them,” Van Geerenstein summarizes. “We managed to get all of that into one package. Of course, you can’t avoid adding new functionality at a later stage, but this platform is a stable starting point.”

Bouhamidi adds, “We have the ambition to grow but not the ambition to let Customer Care grow at the same pace. So, we need to work more efficiently, reduce the contact ratio by optimizing the website and self-service features further. For customers who really need help, we want to have the best specialists available. We don’t want to automate their work. That’s why training, coaching, and quality are extremely important to us.”

Software providers often claim that the cloud leads to various cost benefits. In terms of management, that’s certainly the case, but Bouhamidi also knows that the solution chosen by Drukwerkdeal is not the cheapest. “Relatively, we pay a bit more, but we will recoup it through better service and higher customer satisfaction. But don’t forget employee satisfaction as well. I want to see happy faces here.”

About Drukwerkdeal
Drukwerkdeal is part of the publicly traded Cimpress, a series of international innovative print companies with independent entities in England, Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Italy, and the United States. What sets the Cimpress companies apart in their market approach is their focus on ‘mass customization’ – that is, large-scale customization. They do not adhere to the traditional characteristics of the graphics industry (focused on high volumes and long lead times) but work in a user-friendly and extremely customer-oriented way. Drukwerkdeal in the Netherlands and Printdeal in Belgium are the largest online printers in the Benelux. Drukwerkdeal, with its headquarters and two production locations in Deventer, has been in business for 17 years. The customer care department, spread across Deventer and a location in Belgium, employs 50 to 60 experts who serve both the Dutch and French-speaking markets (Printdeal.be).

Read more about Drukwerkdeal at https://www.drukwerkdeal.nl.

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