Proud Experts: The ease of use of Genesys Cloud is unparalleled

Frontline Solutions

Proud Experts is a well-known Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organization with over 360 employees. They specialize in taking over front, mid, and back-office activities. Managed outsourcing is characterized by greater efficiency and flexibility, higher customer experience, and seamless technical integrations. They handle business processes on behalf of clients, mainly in the financial sector. Support, flexibility, customization, and collaboration describe the added value of this continuously growing company. How does a cloud-based customer contact solution – Genesys Cloud – contribute to the success of Proud Experts?



Genesys Cloud is the all-in-one solution for your contact center in the cloud. It provides your customers with unparalleled reliability and a consistent experience across all contact channels.

“”We were already using Genesys PureConnect as a customer contact solution. But over time, scalability and flexibility became increasingly important. These are aspects that we also found in Genesys Cloud,” said Berry Willemse, ICT Manager at Proud Experts.Berry-Willemse

Genesys Cloud offers Proud Experts so many benefits:

  • Easy accessibility
  • More user-friendly than Genesys PureConnect
  • You keep up with the times and are ready for the future
  • The connections are simpler, making integrations much easier
  • The flexibility to work from home, which fits perfectly with a cloud solution
  • The system is always “up”, so there is no downtime
  • Due to the microservices, if there is a problem, you only notice it in a very small part of the system
  • You benefit from the hardware that Genesys has – the Amazon infrastructure Better scalability

“It’s hard to imagine how much easier the setup and management of Genesys Cloud works. And for our employees, this solution is so user-friendly!”


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